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Cottingfield is a modern image N gauge layout and the fourth one by it’s creator Richard. Focussing on a TMD (traction maintenance depot) there is a light industrial area and a two track main line. The combination of options means there should be something to entertain everyone.

Born out of change in circumstances that meant previous plans had to be put on hold. This model is a much smaller layout than the original plan for ‘What The Hull’.

A major difference between the original plan and this one will be the electrification of the main line which leads to increased options. This has the added benefit of more variety in traction to be seen as well on the back of the knitting being installed.

The change of direction still leaves plenty of operating potential. At a reduced size of 240cm x 75cm (8′ x 2.5′) this shows the benefit of modelling in N Gauge. In the compacted layout we have a fully functioning servicing point, and two track mainline.

The location is a bit vague to say the least, lets just leave it at rural Yorkshire. Set on the edge of a major conurbation somewhere with good main line connections. This way I get to model both country and cityscapes in one layout. Possibly more importantly, I also have the option to just put my feet up and watch the trains go by.

As a habitual layout builder I’m sure at some point I will get bored and move on. Hopefully before that happens you will have seen and enjoyed Cottingfield. Equally I hope that you like this website. I intend to make a part of it friendly to supporting the novice modeller. The N Gauge explained section should help in plain language with the “what on earth are they talking about” moments.

I am grateful to many sources on the internet for learning over the years. And equally many modellers for providing inspiration.

N Gauge Goings On

Like What The Hull – I still aim for this to be an exhibitable layout – and at only 2 boards it should easily fit in a large car fingers crossed.

The progress will be documented on this site over time – any thoughts and comments will of course be gratefully received.

Why not keep an eye on the blog section? There you will find N Gauge news for your reading. I promise not to bore you with the finest detail on every new release. You will however get to keep up quickly and easily with some of the more important goings on in the world of N Gauge.