About Cottingfield

Without repeating everything I have already said, Cottingfield came about after a change in personal circumstances. Unfortunately my previous plans for a 16′ layout ‘What The Hull‘ had to be scrapped as I just couldn’t afford to give up the space. However undeterred Cottingfield rose from the ashes of the previous plan as a more compact option.

With a footprint of 2.4m by 75cm (8′ by 2.5′ if you prefer) Cottingfield is much easier to accommodate. Consequently it should also be so much faster to build!

The track plan has a two track mainline around the perimeter. A servicing depot and light industrial area taking up the heart of the boards. These are surrounded by two different styles of home made cliff.

Cottingfield’s cliffs and cliff tops are features I am particularly pleased with. These started out as a bit of an experiment in design and construction. Since then they have been repainted a number of times to achieve what I would call the ‘right colour’. This has eventually got them to a stage I am finally quite proud of and very happy with.

Tucked away at the back is a full length 5 track ‘fiddle’ yard. This is configured so that all lines can access all lines. This in itself was quite a feat but was made possible by the use of a lot of Peco Setrack small points. As a downside it does mean that access to the fiddle yard is subject to strict speed limits.

About me

Created by Richard a keen Modern Image modeller in N Gauge. The plan is to make Cottingfield available to exhibitions in 2021 onwards. After this my DC controlled North Wroxham is likely to follow on in 2022.

And by modern image I do mean modern – the last 10-15 years especially. That’s not to say the odd ‘rule 1’ appearance won’t happen. Fun retro rolling stock is also an option. Consequently Steam specials and 1920s goods wagons exist amongst the items in the rolling stock arsenal.

When I get my painting mojo back I shall be out in force with the airbrush. On the back of this I have a number of novelty liveries and ideas for paint jobs up my sleeve.

Any Progress?

With the layout only being 8′ long it makes rapid progress possible at times. If you want to know what’s going on then why not have a nosey at the blog posts.

Also when time allows I’ll be adding a photo gallery of the construction – and am always happy to answer any questions. Remember there is no such thing as a daft question.

If it’s popular enough I will also happily add a Q&A section. Just in case you are too shy to ask!

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