Bobs Butties & His Pitch

Separately I have written a page on the ‘adjustments’ I made to this model. But a burger van is no use without some where to sell your wares.

As I have alluded to in another post I have spent many years working on and visiting a wide variety of Yorkshire industrial estates. And as such I have seen (and taste tested) more than my fair share of burger vans. Consequently I just had to have one on the layout.

Cheap is good

Well that certainly seems to be the normal mantra when the proprietor is looking for a pitch. If a roadside is not suitable then the cheaper the pitch the better.

In Cottingfield the roads were a bit too narrow for a roadside set up. However fortunately for Bob there was an undeveloped patch of land.

The photo doesn’t really do this patch justice in terms of the uneven broken up road surface. This was created by doing a bad job of glueing layers of sand onto the board to simulate the gravelly / planings effect of an undeveloped car park.

The effect was finished with a number of weathering powders to give the dirty dishevelled look, with long grass and bushes around the edges.

The poor nature of the parking area doesn’t seem to be putting the customers off though with Bob doing a roaring trade. An East Yorkshire Motor Services coach awaits its next job patiently. Also enjoying a snack are various people out and about for work, including the local post man who needed an energy boost mid round.

Not fully finished

Definitely not, is a layout ever finished?

There is further detailing to be added, and more weathering to be done. Some more mud tones are needed on the surface. Also Bob’s transit he uses for towing is far too clean and rust free to be realistic.

If you have seen to internet memes, you will know from the ‘Be like Bob’ mantra, he is very sensible. As such a couple of bins will also be added when I work out where I have put them. They like a lot of 3d printed items will just need a bit of toning down first with the matt varnish.

I may also consider the challenge of making some scale size litter for the back of the car park up against the cliff. For now however that remains a wish list item. There are much bigger and more visible project to be completed first.

Who will be Bob’s neighbour? I have an Aldi supermarket kit and a car dealership to build, both would look good in the space next door. However the more I think about it the more I fancy a builder’s merchants. That however would be a time consuming project and possibly a stretch too far as it would be a complete scratch build. Could be fun though!

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