Grit / Salt Bins

It feels quite apt this should be the first bit of modelling done in 2019. As I sit here writing this it is currently 5c outside and I’m sure I saw snow earlier.

The bins are all from Scale Model Scenery, and come in 2 each of 2 sizes in a pack. The kit is very easy, with a simple cut out and apply for the writing on the bins. Although simple you will need a good magnifier and a very steady set of hands to do this!

Once this was done I treated them all to a now customary coat of matt varnish. I don’t know how others feel, I just always think that 3D prints whilst good are too shiny for day to day reality. I’ve certainly never seen a clean and new looking grit bin, and the matt varnish tones them down nicely.

Did you spot in the car park the bin that has been modified? Just like real life someone felt the need to scrape a letter off the grit bin to be funny. Now that was a challenge to paint out and very much needed the finest paint brush I had!