I love my job, but..

I love my job, but it doesn’t half get in the way of fun stuff sometimes.

There is a good reason for no updates for a month, sadly I’ve been very busy with work. Boo hiss

That being said, I am aware there is a significant element of the population these days who are not so lucky, with latest figures suggesting unemployment has risen now to 5%.

That’s why, in reality i’m not complaining. I’m very conscious that I’m lucky to be in a secure job that is providing me with a good living. As such it’s very much head down and see you out the other side at the moment. Let’s be fair, with the current national lockdown which is due to be in place for another three weeks yet there’s not too much we can do.

Asides from the lockdown getting in the way, it’s hardly the weather to be travelling at the moment, this week has been very wet. We’ve been lucky at home to have no issue with flooding like some parts of the country. The worst we have had is standing water on the lawn and flower beds. Still not nice to go out in though!

As a very tactile modeller who relies on touch and feel in shops and at shows for inspiration, along with the visual inspiration of completed layouts on show, it may be a while before I am up to much again anyway. So whilst I may want to complain, I know really it’s for the best that I’m kept busy elsewhere.

Not much else to say?

Correct! All a bit quiet at the moment, I have picked up a few bargains on eBay recently. These are for the North Wroxham layout that is currently under development. This however probably won’t move much beyond the conceptual stage for a little while.

As good as Google image search is, along with the joys of walking around on streetview, you can’t beat a proper field trip. However, at the moment that is a bit hard to justify as an ‘essential’ outing. So that layout has also reached a bit of a halt.

For now the development of North Wroxham, like Cottingfield is likely to be limited to a bit of window shopping online. I have on a few occasions been guilty of buying items for both just because I like them. I don’t think I could ever be a modeller that follows the prototype strictly. My wife would say I just don’t have the attention span. Honestly, she’s probably right!

So, in the meantime I am off from here, but not off the net completely. It’s time for me to go and get the camera out. I said on the North Wroxham site I would photograph every building before installing. Along side this I intend to write up review notes on each of then in the buildings section. This does at least give me something productive to do other than working and eating. Both things that have been happening too much in the last four weeks.

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