Not the most eco friendly

Now please don’t think I am eco-warrier, because I’m not. However I am always conscious when it comes to recyclycing.

Sadly however, we can’t say the same for Peco.

It occurred to me earlier when packing models into their transport boxes ready for short term storage. Farish and Dapol often have their detractors, but kudos goes to them for the fact that the vast majority of their packaging is recyclable.

I’ll happily concede that the packaging is well presented and it is a nice model. I know the Colman’s wagon is not a recent release. However it fits with my penchant for all things Norwich City and the football club.

The problem is the hard plastic just can’t be recycled. It’s a tough compromise to have to make between presentation / product security / environmental concerns.

However as Dapol have proven with their wagon packaging it is far from impossible. Their standard packaging is fully recyclable with a small amount of care.

Come on Peco – time to recognise the way the world is going.

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