Rolling Stock

It may at times not look like it, but there is hardly an item not modified. This may be a simple DCC chip install, or a light bar or two, or something more drastic.

A number of the fleet have been resprayed to depict special liveries. I will admit that I have had varying levels of success, with early efforts poor by comparison to later ones. You will find my thoughts and advice on airbrushing and respraying documented here. This is a guide for all to see along with many of my learnings along the way.

Below you will find all the must have details about the fleet on “What The Hull” and how we have on occasions butchered them to look as they do. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and read many times over – that’s how I learnt everything I have done. Practice really does make perfect.

Due to space constraints and the fact that there are only so many hours in a day not everything will travel with the layout every time, especially what you might call ‘fringe’ items.


Class 08. Everyones Favourite Sunter

Class 20. A true utility locomotive

Class 37. Like the Class 20, a true go anywhere utility loco.

Class 47. Passenger or freight – nothing is too much

Class 57. Like a 47, but newer!

Class 58. Nicknamed ‘Bones’ can you guess why?

Class 60. A true beast when it come to hauling the big and heavy

Class 66. Not the most popular freight loco, but surely the most common

Class 67. Carving out a role these days as Thunderbird specialist.

Class 86. Nostalgia time as vintage traction lives on

Class 87. Much loved electric locomotive like the class 86

Class 90. Nicknamed Skoda’s, although I’m not sure why.

Class 92 (coming soon or so they claim!)

HSTs galore – a true favourite with the railway enthusiast.


The Class 142 Pacer DMU Fleet. Literally based on a bus on wheels.

The Class 150 DMU Fleet. Many liveries to choose from

The Class 153 DMU Fleet. Like the class 150 – very well travelled

The Class 156 DMU Fleet. A mainstay of the Cottingfield fleet

The Class 158 DMU Fleet. An enjoyable ride in the Yorkshire countryside

The Class 170 DMU . Too small for Trans Penine Express from Hull – so often run in pairs

The Class 350 EMU Fleet. This is where Rule 1 kicks in!


Charter specials