Modelling Tools

Cottingfield has a number of distinct scenic areas and a lot of variety in a small layout. Changing from the TMD, to the industrial estate, to the farmer’s fields.

The building of a lot of these items are documented on the Youtube channel for Cottingfield. As a result, if you subscribe now you can see handy ‘how to guides’ showing every step of the kit builds. Also on YouTube are a number of videos showing the build of the layout as it has gone on.

Why not have a watch and see the transformation? So you can see how Cottingfield went from blank boards, to a total mess, to what you see today.

Key Modelling Tools

I’ve put together a few pages that hopefully you will find useful on the tools and items I use.  A key theme throughout these guides is that this doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby.  Because many of the items I use are either free of can be picked up for just a few pence.

Part 1.  Tools for Railway Modelling – Painting.

Part 2. Tools For Railway Modelling – Bit Kits & Scenery

Part 3. Glueing, Filing, Filing.

Filling & Painting