Stores are a bit messy…

You could be forgiven for saying the MPD stores are a bit of a ramshackled dumping zone at Cottingfield Motive Power Depot

The boys when tidying up inside appear just to have dumped it all outside. They’ve not even stacked their pallets neatly. Although, the armchair seems to be sat in a nice shady corner outside.

Cottingfield Motive Power Depot Stores

The items here have come from a veritable collection of sources over time. The stores on the left is a Peco wagon, removed from what was a damaged chassis. I can’t remember where the one on the right came from. However I do know that it is a resin building I may have inherited. Pallets are made up from the Ratio pallets and barrels kit.

The crates, barrels, sofa and other items have come from a variety of cottage industry providers. eBay is a good source for this type of item I have found. You could also get similar on Shapeways, but postage is often prohibitively expensive.

All items are secured in place with a thin layer of standard PVA glue, normally spread on gently with a cocktail stick, This process helps to stop them falling over, but also crucially doesn’t damage them so much they can’t be moved or removed and reused.

Room to store everything?

In due course it is likely that stores will be extended, and more demic wagons removed from their chassis and repurposed. Consequently one or two are already looking very nervous and vulnerable!

I did consider doing a similar job on one of the new Sonic Models VEA vans. However truth be told I couldn’t bring myself to butcher what is a very fine model. Consequently it is likely than another old Peco van or three may cease to roll on rails and gain themselves a new life.

Who knows what will appear next? Maybe a nice Gazebo to help keep the armchair dry? Maybe even a full three piece suite? There is an interesting assortment of furniture available to buy in N Gauge these days. Keep your eyes open as more will likely appear in slightly odd places throughout the layout. Maybe even a chair that has been claimed by a cat as it’s bed… or is that too close to reality?