Thanks Goodness It Has Cooled Down

The title says it all – 36c outside means 40c+ in the garage which is just too hot! Now I am a keen modeller, but even I have limits.

Consequently with the cooler weather I have taken the opportunity to dive on in. I was amazed at just how much junk I had accumulated on my weather enforced sabbatical over the last few weeks. This was soon brought in order though and more fun past times could be pursued.

Today has seen the first of the field fencing airbrushed. However I may have another go at it – given it is wooden fencing I want it to look a bit more decrepit. To that end I have a dark olive green colour I’m now planning to use. This is to give the impression of some moss and mould. Sprayed very thinly should achieve the effect I am wanting.

I’ve also done a number of minor jobs too non descript to bother mentioning.

The hills at the back of the layout that will but up to the backscene saw some work this morning. Having first established the base polystyrene was now well glued into place, I proceeded to empty a can of ‘One Strike” into all the gaps to start getting some shape. “One Strike” for those that have not come across it, is an incredibly light weight filler. It also benefits from being easily mouldable, and shapable with a knife once dry. The light weight nature of it means the boards remain light weight and easy to carry with the exhibition circuit in mind next year.

On the road again…

I’m back on the road travelling with work this week so this are likely to be video updates. I have a number of new kits to build in my modelling case. And as before I will be posting videos showing how to build them step by step. These will be in the scenery section, and on the YouTube Channel.

Thats all for now though folks. Happy modelling – and thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read my every thought.