Uh Oh, the curse strikes again

They often say modellers start dreaming about their next layout before the first one is even 50% finished. Well, thats certainly true with this modeller.

As great as DCC is, it is limiting slightly on what stock I can run. Some of my favourite locos are of an age where DCC was unheard of, and as such really do not convert easily.

So what I hear you say? Why not just pay a pro to do it? Certainly not! Asides from having to pay someone else to do it being a huge afront on my manhood, this way I get to have a dedicated DC layout too.

And so, North Wroxham was born.

Those who have been to the real Hoveton & Wroxham should with time find it to be a good representation. Albeit there will be one or two glaring changes. Probably the most obvious of which is the Bure Valley Railway having put on some weight and become a full sized steam railway. Well how else do I get to run some of the lovely kettles in my collection?

Construction is a way of starting yet, and will probably stay that way for another 6 months or so. We need to move house first before I invest in another set of baseboards. But in the meantime the fun has already begun. I have a pocket full of dreams, and a notebook full of drawings. Added to which I have already got space put aside in the chest of drawers in the garage. Last week I started popping in bits I had picked up on eBay where I saw them and thought “that would look great on North Wroxham”.

Amazingly, this should be quite a cheap project by my standards. I’m helped by having all the rolling stock already. This means it is just scenic construction materials I need, Oh, and of course a few hundred different “fun bits” just to complete the look!

Happy modelling everyone. Remember dare to dream, losing yourself and plotting the next project I find is very good for the brain and soul.